We Love this Game

We know what it feels like to be parents of both physically and mentally challenged children, to wonder if they will ever be able to do everything that we wish for them to do. My husband Patrick Mowery thought of making this league a little over 3 years ago after getting the diagnosis of our unborn son. Who after thorough tests, it was determined that he had Down Syndrome. It was a tough report to ...get from our team of Dr's, I cannot lie. And after countless questions and just realizing deep down inside that no matter what he had, our child was going to be all that he could be. That we would love him regardless, fore we already did. Around the same time our youngest girl who has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis was in a wheelchair due to her Arthritic Flares and attached disorders that were causing her so much pain at the time. We both had mixed emotions for sure, and felt that we were going through a lot. I remember getting a call from my husband.  He told me that he knew that this sounded crazy, but it came to him, that Camden, Kaity, and any other kids with Physical or Mental Challenges should have the opportunity to love baseball as much as he hoped our children would. With his passion for baseball, I knew this would be a wonderful thing for him to start and help with. And it already seemed to help him in coping with our recent news. Camden came to us on Jan. 7th, 2014. ( he just celebrated his 3rd birthday) He has brought us so much joy and our lives would never be the same without him. We celebrate every milestone and accomplishment he has made so far. He has been a wonderful addition to our blended family.

     We have been a part of Upper Allen Baseball for 8 years. We have always had such support by the Upper Allen baseball association... That is why it was no surprise that when my husband went to the Upper Allen Baseball board with our story and why he wanted to start this new team in their league, they welcomed him and the idea with open arms. We are so happy to have the opportunity to give other families like ours hope, inspiration, and a place of acceptance. We hope that we can build this Bambino Buddy Ball League for many years to come. We can't wait to see our Camden racing to home plate! I know I speak for Pat when I say, Thank you to all involved for helping us to create this dream for our children and to have an organization like this to belong to.

Laura And Patrick Mowery

Camden taking in a baseball game